This is a non partisan/non bias blog that exists to raise awareness and make interesting and controversial articles available for review to the general public without all the extra junk.

Although some materials or links posted on this site may feature views and/or subjects that could be personally considered as “partisan” or “bias”;  I assure readers that all subjects covered here are to advocate civil liberties and the preservation of Constitutional rights as well as to serve the best interest of the people regardless of party or preference.

The goal here is to shine some light on important issues in world news otherwise ignored or spun by mainstream media. To present facts and outlook as they should be according to our Constitution. To share news that needs to be heard.

ALL readers are greatly appreciated and more than welcome to submit articles, movies or any materials that promote the views, laws and freedoms that our ancestors and founding fathers fought to give us all.

NOTE: I have absolutely no tolerance for racial profiling or comments that suggest to do so in any manner. I reserve the right to disapprove and delete any comments that are hateful or negative towards any peoples as a whole. I expect all readers to respect people regardless of race, religion or personal preference in regards to comments left on this site.

  1. dreamslaughter says:

    Very interesting blog showing government documents related to thermite demolition.

    Short and persuasive.


    wish you much laughter


  2. Sumbitted for your consideration: ( BUSH INACTION ON 9/11Actual news clips)

    A short production of news clips detailing George W. Bush’s 9/11 inaction, including his post-attack foot dragging on establishing an independent investigation into the worst attack ever on United States soil.

    Bush was clearly negligent in his duty on 9/11, not only as President, but also as our Commander in Chief. His inaction alone is reason enough to re-open the 9/11 investigation.

    Throw in the fact that Donald Rumsfeld was not at his post directing a defense for this country, and that Dick Cheney tracked the Pentagon attack “vehicle” from over 50 miles out and still did not shoot the object down, and you have negligence and dereliction of duty at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

    Don’t just ask for a new investigation. Ask for a real 9/11 investigation.

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